An old hand in a new space | More reasons to attend Lexverse

It is comforting to know that the trailblazers of the regulation of new technologies back in 1985 are still applying their insight and expertise in the intersection of legal and technological advances today.

Alain Bensoussan of Alain Bensoussan Avocats, Paris, is one of our speakers at the Lexverse conference 2022. Mady Delvaux-Stehres, Member of the European Parliament, Vice-Chair of the Committee of Legal Affairs has this to say about him.

 “I was dazzled by Alain Bensoussan when he engaged in an impressively eloquent discourse of human-robot interaction and the ineluctable closer connection between the human and the artificial, pointing at the necessity, even urgency to create a law of robotics. I enjoyed listening to this man, despite not understanding everything he said, and invited him again to elaborate his views in front of all the members of our working group. At this meeting he championed the cause of robots’ and presented us his intelligent and attractive assistant NAO.” 

We share a few highlights of his nearly 40-year professional journey navigating digital, data and tech law.

In 1985 Alain wrote the first “Treatise on computer and telematics law: Theory and practice” published by Berger-Levrault. A few highlights of his tech law journey follow:

In 2006 he created a “Digital Human Rights” commission within the International Union of Lawyers (UIA).

In 2014 he drafted the first “Charter on the rights and duties of robots” and founded the Association of Robots Law (ADDR). And shortly thereafter the published “Droit des robots” (Larcier 2015, of which a second edition appeared in 2019: “IA, Robots et droit”, Bruylant (Bruylant).

In 2016 he created the Association of Data Protection Officers to help DPOs in their function redefined by the GDPR and publication of the book “Data Protection Officer: a new function in the company” (1st edition, Larcier).

Alain will join the Lexverse conference virtually from Paris to discuss

Regulating AI: Global and European approaches.

Countries around the world are introducing legislation to regulate AI. Europe is close to passing the Artificial Intelligence Act and many countries will enact something similar. Hear from Alain, who is the global thought leader on this topic.


  1. Know some of the latest developments by hearing from the thought leaders. 
  2. Plan your use of AI by considering the regulatory environment. 
  3. Develop a regulatory framework in your country by seeing what other countries are doing.

We invite you to take this opportunity to join Alain and many others at Lexverse on 8 June 2022. The legal universe of digital, data and technology.

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