Our Global Partners

Lexing Network

The Lexing Network is an international network of lawyers dedicated to digital and technology law. The Lexing Network is made up of truly exceptional lawyers who specialise in technology and data protection law in many countries around the world. Lexing members are adept at providing clients with a global, tailor-made solution consistent with the legal rules of all countries.

Creative Partners

Want to be a Partner?

The benefits of being a Partner include:
Fostering a positive reputation in the tech and legal world
Building innovative business relationships
Associating with other original and creative brands and thinkers
Demonstrating creative and practical solutions to the regulatory and commercial aspects of the metaverse

The Lexverse conference 2022 is a Beta event. We're testing the waters and plan to bring you a three day event with opportunities to explore, network, learn, present, and enjoy a Lexpo.

We are looking to expand our partnership opportunities.