What use is amazing tech if we don’t know how to commercialise it?

Commercialising tech sounds easy. Just get the product moving right? But new technologies mean applying the law differently and a balance must be found. The tension arises from the different teams having different motivators and understandings of the digital or legal landscape.  

The scenario often looks like the tech-savvy team being met with resistance from the legal and compliance experts because new technology can be scary! And while that plays out the commercial and marketing team are chomping at the bit to launch new ideas and technology because they know what their clients want. But in the same breath, they too can be limited in their tech and legal knowledge. Compliance needs to enable commercialisation lawfully.   

It’s this delicate dance that inspired the Lexverse. Michalsons has created a space to explore this push and pull between the legal universe of digital, data and technology. So ultimately, we create the world we want to live in. 

Magic happens where people from diverse disciplines intersect.

We’ve invited leading marketing and advertising practitioner Mike Abel to speak to us. He’s a Founding Partner & Chief Executive of M&C Saatchi Abel and M&C Saatchi Group of companies operating in SA. M&C Saatchi Abel has announced that it has purchased “land” in the newly created Africarare metaverse Ubuntuland. This marks the brand as the first South African and African agency to set up shop in this particular digital world. Africa’s first digital domain Africarare is a 3D virtual reality immersive hub that houses a metaverse marketplace set in Ubuntuland. Investing in the first African metaverse allows M&C Saatchi Abel and its partners access to a global network through social technology designed to remove terrestrial borders and open up trade, collaboration and regional or global partnerships.

This conference is for marketing directors, commercial directors, IT directors, in-house legal counsel, and compliance officers to gather and ignite a spark for future innovations

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Mike is the former CEO of M&C Saatchi Group Australia and before that, co-led the Ogilvy South Africa Group as COO and Group Managing Director, Cape Town. Mike has been awarded Advertising Leader by the Financial Mail and Finweek and his company was named Best Agency in SA in 2015. His company is home to The Street Store, the open-source, pop-up clothing store for the homeless which has become a global movement. He is a speaker and published author of Willing & Abel: Lessons from a Decade in Crisis.