These days, everything’s a game.

One of the core uses of technology is to streamline the ever-more-complicated human world. Things that used to require separate trips, separate buildings – even separate parts of the city – can now be done in one place, on one device. You can bank, shop, communicate and play games on your phone, and these once-distant spheres of your life have been bundled together, merged and overlapping.

And so have the laws regulating them.

The result of this is that areas of law that were once far and distinct from each other have steadily crept closer together, causing businesses to have to pay attention to areas they had likely not considered before. Businesses that never set out to get involved in digital entertainment are now finding themselves heavily invested in these relationships as they follow their customers into social media, video games, streaming, and more.

You may not be focusing on digital entertainment law, but digital entertainment law is certainly focusing on you.


  1. Understand how changes in the law affect the content you produce on the internet by listening to experts.
  2. Prepare your business for broader and more involved social media regulation by understanding the definitions and regulatory patterns.
  3. Consider how to leverage the human need for play to promote your business by looking at examples.

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